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Indovation on a mission; Chinovation still soul-searching

January 4, 2011 5 comments

I like to do some basic research before going to a conference as a participant¬†– even as a¬†speaker ūüôā

Prior to attending Marc Giget’s conference in Paris on the emerging Chinese and Indian models of innovation, I started my basic research by googling the words ‘indovation’ and ‘chinovation’ that I had front of mind. While both searches return the usual 10+ pages of links, I was struck by a big difference. Read more…


The rise of simplicity: the reason behind the success of reverse innovation

February 2, 2010 3 comments

Thanks to a number of spectacular successes obtained by blue-chip companies in recent years,¬†Reverse Innovation is becoming a popular trend.¬†Examples include GE’s portable ultra-sound equipment designed in China and sold worldwide, LG’s low cost air conditioner designed in India and sold worldwide, Renault’s Logan low-cost model designed for Eastern European markets and now selling on Western Europe, etc.

In an enlightening article, Vijay Govindarajan¬†outlines a historical perspective from globalisation to¬†reverse innovation, and highlights the key driver behind this evolution: the revenue gap between developed and emerging markets.¬†¬†But there are other drivers that may be less visible but no less powerful. Read more…