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And cities will overtake nations on the innovation road

December 12, 2015 Leave a comment

Geoeconomie Institut Choiseul G77As megacities take a lead role amongst the proactive doers in COP21 Climate Conference in Paris, the latest edition (nb 77) of Institut Choiseul’s Géoéconomie publishes my article (in French) on cities reasserting themselves as the ideal spot for technological and societal innovation.


Ever since they appeared about ten thousand years ago, urban centres have served the dual purpose of bringing together talent from various disciplines, and facilitating trade. By fostering both the production of novel ideas, and their access to markets, cities have offered an ideal space for innovation to blossom. Eclipsed for a while by all-powerful Nation-States, cities are back on the innovation stage, as three factors conspire to bring them to the fore: Read more…


Beyond 3D printing – it’s more than a Game of Drones: Smarter is Coming

20140521-161857-58737992.jpg 3D/4D printing and self-assembly materials trigger at the same time fear and skepticism: fear that masses of workers in the manufacturing industries will find themselves structurally redundant, skepticism that complex systems can ever be manufactured using these emerging technologies. Both this fear and this skepticism are misplaced, because they are based on the faulty assumption that new manufacturing/assembly technologies will replace old ones like-for-like.

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Pro-Am is the new entrepreneurship

20130604-230610.jpgThe Pro-Am term – a contraction of Professional and Amateur – was originally coined to refer to sport competition mixing professionals and amateurs or to players evolving in an intermediate status between those two categories. It then extended to scientific collaborations between amateurs and professionals in disciplines, such as astronomy, where it has been traditionally easier for amateurs to make a valued contribution.

Today Pro-Am has become a major socio-economic trend. It is estimated that in mature economies 30 to 40% of people are Pro-Am at something. My friend Emma, who works as a chemist in the energy sector, is a cupcake pro-am (see pic). Other colleagues are pro-am mechanics. Between the rubbish and the advertizing, YouTube is full of amateur performances of professional standard. Three factors have directly contributed to this trend: Read more…

From ownership to usership, the rise of the Sharing Economy

December 9, 2012 3 comments

Collaborative ConsumptionOver the last three years I have been an avid user of bike and, more recently, car sharing schemes. In the same period, the number of other sharing schemes has seen a phenomenal growth: in what is called the Sharing Economy, people can share not only vehicles or other objects such as DIY tools, but also find accommodation or a place to have dinner, learn a new skill or access services. Anyone who has an asset or a talent can offer it online and find takers. When you consider that assets such as cars or DIY tools spend most of their lives idle, the Sharing Economy enables a smarter and more sustainable mode of consumption also referred to as Collaborative Consumption.
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