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Old sci-fi story highlights gulf between foresight and vision

November 6, 2014 Leave a comment

Books on tvAs a book review, it doesn’t start well: I have forgotten the author’s name and the book’s title, and, to make it worse, I only ever read a sample chapter. In my defense, it was about 35 years ago during an English class in my secondary education middle years.

Here is what I remember.  Read more…


Time for innovation to make sense and for humanity to step on the path to progress once more

May 29, 2014 1 comment

There-are-only-two-choices-make-progress-or-make-excuses_Ellen-MikesellOn Monday evening I listened to Etienne Klein’s thought-provoking talk at Les [im]pertinents in Paris: “is there a future for the idea of progress?” A physicist and philosopher of science, Klein is a strong advocate of the role of science as an engine of innovation but observes that in our so-called post-modern society the link between science/innovation on the one hand and human progress on the other hand appears to be increasingly tenuous, if not severed, in the minds of people. How did it come to this and how can we retake our future in our own hands? Read more…

Reports of a post-growth era have been vastly exagerated

January 19, 2014 1 comment

20140119-181813.jpg In Mark Twain style we could claim that reports of the advent of a post-growth world have been vastly exagerated. In fact while we almost certainly find ourselves at the end of the long economic cycle that started with the industrial revolution, we might well be on the eve of a new century long growth cycle.

The industrial revolution harnessed mechanical power to free-up or leverage human physical power. In production or transport, tasks that would have otherwise taken muscle and time could be done with increasing effectiveness through people operating machines. The lever of mechanical power enabled economies to tap into a massive productivity reservoir, unleashing two centuries of phenomenal growth. Today, Read more…