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Slowing down the cow – Innovation lessons from verse translation

May 14, 2011 2 comments

As June fast approaches in the calendar – and even faster in the warmth of the wind – I remember the bucolic poem ‘Juin’ by Leconte de Lisle that I read as a schoolboy. I recall finding it pompous at the time, and I still find it so today. But in the midst of long forgotten, over-engineered stanzas, half a verse, beautiful in its meaning and simplicity, has lived on in my mind:

‘La vache lente est belle.’

To share it with friends who may not speak French, the question of translation arose, and as I wrestled with it during my morning cycling, a few creativity and innovation lessons emerged. Read more…


Incubate ideas to avoid innovation-flu

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Like most living beings, ideas are at their most vulnerable when they are born. That is because they are often born through intuition, from no more than an inkling sometimes. They have not proven anything, they have no track record to defend themselves, they are exposed to all sorts of viruses self-styled as ‘rationale reasons why it will not work’.

Hence, the advice to the ideator is: keep your idea to yourself! Read more…