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Setting the Metre Standard: innovation needs the resources of a large organisation

October 20, 2013 Leave a comment

20131020-174810.jpg This morning I took my youngest to 36 rue de Vaugirard in Paris, to show him the last original public display of the Metre Standard dating back from the 1790s when the meter was officially adopted. The story of the metre offers a good illustration of the gap between ideation and innovation. It also illustrates that, as much as common wisdom makes them responsible for killing innovative ideas, large organisations can also be instrumental in turning an idea into a full-scale mainstream product.

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Using a design for a different purpose

November 10, 2010 2 comments

Frank Cammas has finally won the Route du Rhum transatlantic race. People will say that he had the biggest boat. Indeed, his Groupama 3 trimaran was so large that it could not get into the lock that closes the harbour of Saint Malo where all competitors gathered 10 days ago at the start of the race.

However, size was not a guarantee, far from it. Actually, taking such a boat on a solo race represented a significant risk. Read more…

The innovation gardener stands the test of time

February 5, 2010 2 comments

McKinsey Quarterly publishes an interview of Alberto Alessi, CEO of a leading Italian design firm specialised in kitchen ustensil, that has been on the innovation front for decades.

Two of Alessi’s answers struck a cord:

1. In response to a question about the downturn Alessi says: “It does not change anything for myself, personally. My future is to continue to be a gardener. Read more…