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Transformers are no decliners

Italy has been at the forefront of the doom-and-gloom world news of late. And with it, the whole of Europe. And generally speaking, the West. And also, manufacturing output is slowing down in China. And reform bills fail one after the other in India. And then there is global warming. And all the rest. Even those who don’t believe in 2012 end-of-the-world prophecies can’t help prophecize the end of civilisation as we know it. Look at the Roman Empire, they say, once the beacon of the world, now swept away!

Well, sure enough the Italy of Scipio, Cicero and Marcus Aurelius passed. But then came the Italy of Lorenzo de Medici, Lavinia Fontana and Niccolo Macchiavelli. And after it came the Italy of Barbara StrozziMaria Gaetana Agnesi and Laura Bassi. And after it the Italy of Giuseppe GaribaldiAdelina Patti and Giuseppe Verdi.

Of course, in-between giants, every country has to suffer a string of minnows  – ok, no names :-),  in between triumphs its share of set backs and sometimes disasters. But as long as its leaders, whether in the limelights or in the shadows of anonymity, whether artists, scientists or politicians, continue to push for transformation, decline will be overcome.

Transformers are no decliners.

2012’s going to be tough. For Italy, for Europe, for the world. Sure.

Bring it on!

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