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Collaboration of two modest Titans – Innovative advertising

Advertising has long been a rich field for innovation and creativity. Its purpose being to capture the attention of prospects who are over-targetted by all sort of messages, a déjà-vu approach to advertising is unlikely to cut any ice.  Here is an example I’ve stumbled upon yesterday in the Paris Metro (underground).

On the picture you get actually two ads: one for the release of the movie ‘Le Choc des Titans’ (Clash of the Titans) on April 7th, the other one for a rugby match (or should I say ‘clash’?) taking place on April 3rd.

This is a great example of 1+1=5.

  1. The movie gets advertised
  2. The rugby match gets advertised
  3. The juxtaposition captures the attention of the public (I am unlikely to go see either, and yet it made me stop and I felt compelled to take a shot and write this post about it!)
  4. The congruence of the two messages mean they reinforce each other (a case of ‘connecting the dots’ or associating)
  5. The producers place two ads for the price of one.

Innovators have a no trade-off mentality. On a modest scale (nothing like launching Amazon or iTune), this ad that delivers increased impact at lower cost is a case in point. The modesty of the innovation scale is also a great reminder that you do not have to be Apple to innovate: small scale day-to-day innovations can be quite powerful as well.

Finally, there could not be a better illustration that innovation requires a high sense of urgency. The rugby match is 8 days away with the movie release following within 3 days. You can’t debate forever whether or not you go for it!

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