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Happy Blue Fish leverages ePublishing to jump into big ocean

I recently met Dominique Busso, founder and CEO of Happy Blue Fish Studio, a small video game start-up in Saint-Malo, France, that focuses on “LifeStyle Gaming” and “Edutainment”. It recently launched Feng Shui, a  casual memory training game for the Apple iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad, where the gamer’s goal is to increase your Positive Energy and Zen Time while keeping Master Ki balanced!

Talking to Dominique brought up quite a few interesting illustrations of critical success factors that in one shape or form we have discussed in this blog: time-to-market, quality, simplicity,  and customer experience, all bound together and enabled by Happy Blue Fish’s ePublishing choice. Let me explain.

I met Dominique at an event organised by Rennes Atalante, a science and technology park in Brittany, France, that supports innovative start-ups from conception to their first few years of existence. There was no doubt in the mind of any of the start-up founders that time-to-market is a critical success factor. ePublishing helps here by eliminating the need to package the game in a cartridge and box, and to distribute it through a physical supply chain and network of retailers. As soon as the game is go-for-launch it hits iTune and starts selling.

However, rushing to market at the expense of quality would have catastrophic consequences for an emerging company that has to build its reputation and customer base from scratch. As Dominique puts it: ” I prefer to take out a couple of features for the sake of putting on the market a game that doesn’t bug“. We should keep in mind that a game does not have to be overly complex to be attractive. Actually, when targetting the casual gamer, simplicity can be an asset.

But what if gamers find the game a little “short” then? Again, ePublishing helps address this point: while the game finds its customers in the market, the game producer enjoys a few more weeks or months to build additional features that customers will be able to simply download in a subsequent upgrade. Moreover, gamers being invited to provide feedback, the producer can target its development efforts at those aspects of the game where customers would like to enjoy a richer experience.

ePublishing turns out to be the technology choice that creates the space where time-to-market, quality, simplicity and customer experience can become ONE… as befits a Feng Shui zen master!

  1. March 5, 2010 at 10:05

    Thanks Yan, and very nice and interesting blog!

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