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Innovation: a sense of urgency

We live in a world of execution. The number of new products, new technologies, new supply chains, new ways of working that are out there is absolutely staggering. In a Thomas Friedman’s Flat World “whatever can be done will be done”. People have access to so much resources to learn, experiment, get started, expand and reach, that it is not a question of if but…

When you have an idea, unless you are a lone genius well ahead of your time (in which case it may be that your idea’s time hasn’t come yet) chances are that you have this idea because the idea is ‘in the air’. Which means that before 3 to 6 months everyone will have it and will be working on it! So it is not even a question of when but…

Thomas Friedman adds: “either it will be done by you or to you”. So it’s not a question of if, not even when, but who. The only question is: who will be the first to innovate, the first to market, the first to leapfrog their competition, the first to change the game.

So, don’t procrastinate, go for it: think big, start small, move fast. Innovate today.

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